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Online Communications Strategy Is Sometimes Counterintuitive

I remember long, long ago, when I first began to work in online communications, a friend of mine told me that the more HTML emails that he sent to his client list, the greater the open rate. I thought at the time that he was a little bit crazy, and then I tested his belief. He was 100% correct. The more emails that I sent that had a good subject line and contained VALUE for the reader, the higher the open rate. Holiday Thank You cards are especially popular - then and now.

My point is that online communications can sometimes be counterintuitive.

So, for instance, I usually post short Facebook posts on my personal account because I'm naturally a guerilla writer. Get in and get out.

However, a recent Marketo blog post says that Facebook "posts with over 80 words have twice the amount of engagement of any other post. This may be because of that intriguing “Keep Reading” link, but it also may be because Facebook users are interested in lengthier, more valuable content that tells a story — not sales pitches."  (SOURCE: Blog post by Maggie Jones on Marketo.)

So, I looked over my personal Facebook Timeline and I really do receive more comments from longer posts that are usually humorous insights into my little world.

Businesses usually look at the numbers in social media, but I think it's more important to look at the people that you engage.

When you're on Twitter, do your followers have a large following? Is their "voice" friendly and supportive? Are their interests similar to yours? Are you sharing valuable information on LinkedIn? Do you share articles - your own or someone else's?

I've actually found that, across the online board, your social engagement will be stronger when you spend time online. Offer value always.

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