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Interviews- Love/Hate Relationship

I have recently and quite spectacularly blown a couple of job interviews. Sitting there, facing my accusers (I mean, interviewers : ) J'accuse.) I felt like a volcano had erupted - in my stomach - or an atomic bomb had gone off - in my brain. Why did these interviews go so badly? 1. I was arrogant and was not prepared as a result. 2. I was overly nervous - just because. 3. I couldn't answer questions for which I knew the answers because of the atomic bomb going off in my brain. 4. I wanted a lollypop. (Did I just type that?) You don't know this, but I used to *love* interviews. "What's going on?" I asked myself. So, tonight I thought I'd watch an online presentation about ways to interview well. The presentation began by illustrating two (male) *Superhero* poses that I could use to alleviate any nervousness just before an interview (I kid you not), so I turned the presentation off because it clearly wasn't going to help me. Instead, I thought I'd share my interview story/stories here because, quite frankly, I've got nothing to lose. I feel like I'm going to be OK during my next interview, which I hope is very soon. Signed, SuperSandyWoman - chest out, a fist on each hip, and two feet that are three feet apart yet firmly planted on the floor : )

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