I remember long, long ago, when I first began to work in online communications, a friend of mine told me that the more HTML emails that he sent to his client list, the greater the open rate. I thought at the time that he was a little bit crazy, and then I tested his belief. He was 100% correct. The more emails that I sent that had a good subject line and contained VALUE for the reader, the higher the open rate. Holiday Thank You cards are especially popular - then and now.

My point is that online communications can sometimes be counterintuitive.

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Facebook Rant (sort of)

Have you noticed how some folks feel like they need to justify why they're on Facebook? Oh, I'm only there to monitor my children or I'm on Facebook for work or I just post every once in a while and on and on... It drives me nuts. People, don't sign up for any social network if it's not fun for you. It becomes a chore. Who likes to read chore-speak? I love Facebook. Facebook gives me a chance to catch up with my family, who are scattered in the lower and upper 48. I also can quickly stay up-to-date with my friends. I actually pare my friends down periodically to real FTF friends. How am I going to see all of those beautiful travel photos or read those dorky jokes or discover my people - the DOG people : ) I like people. I do not, however, like FB justifications... and that's all I have to say about that.

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